A train cake fit for a girl

It’s birthday time and what is better than a


themed party for a 3 year old?


My little girl LOVES trains and we discovered the train park last year but we were a little too late in the season to really enjoy it thru the entire summer. Since it is ONLY open every other Sunday we made sure we booked her special day way in advance. I amazingly found an entire engineer ensemble for $10 online!!  Her engineer hat on (which is entirely too BIG for her little head) and some fantastic engineer striped overalls from made this momma a happy lady. I’m trying to keep this party under budget since I tend to GO WAY OVERBOARD! But I didn’t overextend myself this time… The husband was a happy camper. Plus, with a little help from my friends the party went smoother than planned. That is ALWAYS  a bonus wouldn’t you say?

I have never used fondant and it was much easier than anticipated. I did take a fondant fun class thru Sweet Stuff locally and learned a few tricks.

You gotta have fun while making a masterpiece!
Don’t ever deny help!

This is what I learned:

*Always put your unused fondant wrapped in a piece of plastic wrap so it doesn’t get hard and unpliable. **DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DISCARDED PIECES ON THE TABLE THINKING YOU WILL GET TO THEM. PUT THEM IN PLASTIC!!!**

*If it does get hard and a crusty film forms on it you can lightly oil your hand with Crisco or butter and knead the fondant back to a smooth consistency. Do not use too much or it will get all gooey on you and then it will be unworkable.

*When rolling out the icing use corn starch since it will not incorporate into the fondant and make it hard like powdered sugar. If you over grease it use the corn starch to bring it back to a more pliable consistency.

*Use a SMALL dab of water to attach it to other fondant. If you over water it it will become a sticky mess. A little goes a long way.

*Do NOT use liquid food coloring when incorporating it into the fondant. This will change the consistency. Use a food coloring gel which is thicker and doesn’t incorporate a liquid into the icing.

I bought Duff’s fondant at Michaels since I had a 40% off coupon making it only $12 for a tub opposed to $17.99 at the bakery. I also found that it stayed supple longer and it tasted better. I just purchased the white vanilla buttercream and colored everything the way I wished.

Make it traintastic!

I should have taken a better picture of my snack display but I didn’t. I saw this great idea  on the internet while looking for train cake ideas and thought this was a perfect way to display my handmade lollipops (which were a disgrace) and some animal cracker snacks. I have been saving shoe boxes to use for art supplies and such but thought this was a great opportunity to use them now. I spray painted each box inside and out and found this fantastic pink polka-dotted cardboard paper from the packaging of a new toy. With Martha Stewart’s circle cutter I made 2 1/4 circles for the wheels and drew spokes on them. We had a toy choo-choo train engine toy that blows bubbles and rolls around on the floor and I put that at the beginning of the train so it appeared to be pulling the treats for the kids. It was a perfect display for the plates, lollipops, animal crackers and utensils. It was a hit.

It’s time to celebrate

The party was successful. Wish it had been longer for the kids to enjoy and ride the trains for another hour but who would’ve known this would be a major it!?! This engineer did. She has talked about it ever since she turned the big 3 and every time we see a train she states CHOO-CHOO it’s my birthday!

Mommy like Daughter. Engineers at heart.


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